Herbal Support for Calm & Focus*

In today’s world we have so many distractions and stimuli that it is incredibly difficult to stay calm or focused on the task at hand. Schools have started mandating that children who have difficulty focusing or staying in their seats, be medicated to the point that they are unnaturally meek. Employers are requiring more and more focus in spite of the huge increase in distractions all around us in our world.

Intelligence Tree Botanicals introduces NuroFocus to help parents, teachers and modern workers with the issues of life in today’s fast paced and distracted world. This is a drug free solution to a distracted unfocused life.

NuroFocus contains a patented blend of herbs called NUROLIGHT. The herbs in this combination have been used for thousands of years to promote healthy brain function, improve memory, and encourage calm focus in our daily lives*.

  • Clinically Shown to Supports IQ scores*
  • Supports Focus and Concentration*
  • Supports Mind and Body*

Product Facts

Ayurveda Facts

  • Celastrus | Known in India as the tree of intelligence
  • Flax Seed | 109mg of Omega 3 fatty acids per serving
  • Bacopa | Known to keep the body & mind calm*
  • Rosemary | For Remembrance*

Supplement Facts, Serving Size

  • 1 Soft Gel Capsule

Amount Per Serving

  • NuroLight Patented Blend†† 380 mg†
    • Flax Seed Extract (50% Linolenic Acid)
    • Celastrus (9% Linolenic Acid)
    • Bacopa Leaf Extract (20% Bacosides)
    • Rosemary Leaf Extract (6% Carnosic Acid)
    • Ginger Rhizome Extract (30% Gingerols) (10% Zingeberene)

†Daily Value not established
††Supercritical CO₂ extract

Other Ingredients

  • Gelatin, glycerin (vegetable), water, carob fruit extract.

Suggested Use

Take 1 capsule up to 2 times per day or as directed by your qualified health care consultant or professional.

NuroFocus is a combination of traditional Ayurvedic herbs which have been commonly used for thousands of years to promote a healthy mind and brain function.* These herbs are concentrated by an extremely powerful process called CO₂ extraction. NuroFocus will help support focused mental activity, improve attention span and support healthy cognitive function.* Open up your mind and think clearly again with NuroFocus.*


As with any dietary or herbal supplement, you should get advice from your healthcare practitioner for the use of this product. If you are nursing, pregnant, or considering pregnancy, you should consult your healthcare practitioner prior to using this product. Keep safe and out of the reach of children.

Dietary Supplement contains NuroLight™ U.S. PATENT 8.110.229

NuAxon’s “supercritical” CO₂ extracts are pure, highly powerful, broad spectrum and extremely concentrated (as high as 250:1). We use no chemical solvents for the extraction process. Safe and Pure CO₂ is recycled and used again. Our extracts deliver the wisdom of nature in its best and truest form with all its complexity and subtlety.

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Made in India

FDA Disclaimer

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.